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"While He was praying, the appearance of His face became different, and His clothing became white and gleaming and two men were talking with Him and they were Moses and Elijah appearing in (their) glory (glorified bodies)."

As I have stated many times before, there is NO such occurrence as a 'rapture' where people are whisked away to a place called Heaven or Paradise to reign with the Christ for 1,000 years! However, our citizenship is in Heaven NOW, where we await the transformation of our body into conformity with the "Hope of our Glory". It is a spiritual thing!

The events, false prophecies and scattered occurrence of doom, hell, a devil, and a rapture has been a topic of man-made inclusion, debate, teaching and acceptance since  the time of the establishment of the Old Roman Church; with the reformation, the canonization and the transliteration of the Scriptures. 

The year 1844 marked a 'Second Great Awakening' when  revelation came to mankind.  However the revelation was misconstrued and erroneously translated.  

The year Y2K again marked a great revelation of  importance for some of us. However, instead of grasping this revelation in the Spirit, just as events are being revealed and predicted now, it was reduced to a false mystical event called  a rapture.

The word 'rapture' is not found in the Bible and came from the Greek word 'harpazo' which is translated 'caught up'. The English translation should have been to 'seize' or 'take by force'. Harpazo was translated to the Latin 'raeptius' or 'rapture'. There are three recorded incidents that come close to what many refer to as rapture in the Bible when Enoch, Elijah and Moses were transmuted or transliterated.

If the Saints are to be 'whisked-away', 'taken-up' or so-called raptured from participation in a 'tribulation', who then are they to be purchased from the Earth? Who are they whose garments has been made white having 'overcome'? What then are the Saints to overcome?
Is Divine Spirit trying to tell us something? Unequivocally! Is  the Christ coming back again to gather His Own?  Yes, without a doubt! However not in the way that we have been taught.   Will the Saints or eckklesia (church) be whisked away in order not to go through or experience a 'tribulation'? NO!

The true 'church' is not made up of creeds, programs, nor a systematic way of doing things neither is it contained within walls of wood or stone but it is the heart of man--those who have reached spiritual awareness, awakening and spiritual consciousness! The 'church' or Temple is a mental perception of what man must go through to gain an understanding into the spiritual realm; to gain an understanding of our own relationship with the Most High in order to establish  Christ Consciousness or as Paul so eloquently stated, “Put on the Mind of (a) Christ...Be transformed by the renewing of your mind”, in order to become manifested and established in and with Spirit and Divine Union with the Creator. 

The 'church' consists of all those who has come to the realization of Christ in us is the hope of  our glory becoming firmly established in mind and heart in Christ Consciousness and Truth.

This above portion of Scripture has been dubbed the Transfiguration. The word ‘transfiguration’ is actually a man-applied word to describe when the Christman was translated or the natural body was transformed or metastasized into pure Spirit or energy!  This was said to be the greatest miracle of all by Thomas Acquinas, the great historian, in that it showed the perfection of life of restoration back to the Creator in  Divine Union while on earth.

The entire setting on the Mountain, which represents ZION, was a spiritual presentation of human nature meeting with the Creator coming into Divine Union. Spirit touches spirit! We touch Divine Spirit when we our reunited spirit/soul unite with Spirit. It is in Spirit where true worship is!   The Spiritual Realm has already been established. We are spiritual Beings housed in flesh and bone.

While the Christ Man was praying to the Creator prior to the Passover, the Bible says that His face began to shine, His clothing gleamed and two illumined men described as Moses and Elijah stood talking with him. We cannot be one hundred percent certain that the original word was transfiguration. I believe that the word is actually 'Translation'. Translation is the Greek word Metathesis, which comes from the root metatithemi [met-at-ith-ay-mee] literally means to transport a metamorphosis a literal change of matter or compounds or energy--Transmutation.

Elisha represents the Spiritual I AM—The Law of Being. His dwelling in Dothan means I AM established in the understanding of Divine Law. Elisha was not taken away but translated to a  higher  spiritual plane. 

Moses represents mans development of consciousness in and of Divine law as I AM. Moses too was translated to a higher spiritual  dwelling.

The end of the world or the time of the end is a restorative place in consciousness where true revelation and true thoughts overpower or overcome erroneous thoughts; where one is regenerated. One therefore becomes consummate or Teleios in the restoration process and their former 'old-man' consciousness becomes renewed bringing forth righteousness and peace and joy and Truth in the Spirit.

Those who actually believe or even entertained the thought of a rapture on May 21,2011 repent! This message was actually given to me and posted in 2011. In this repost, in regards to the prediction of the end of the world or whatever the cataclysmic events for 2013 or any year, take heed to look after your soul becoming spiritually enlightened to these predictions.  

It is the revelatory Word coming forth through the mouths of the the enlightened ones, the spiritual guides that will tear down the false teachings of those pushing apocalyptic imagery of a last day or end-time expose of a rapture that will set you free! It has nothing to do with what we personally think! It has everything to do with how we think! It is the Apostles and Prophets  or the Master Spiritual Teacher Guides who has been Called and Chosen to build  upon a solid Foundation of Truth and prepare people to receive understanding of the Higher Way, which is to be restored and transformed into Light; putting off the Old-self being transformed and restored into god consciousness. These will receive ability to accept those Mysterious hidden secrets, in order to have capacity to receive their rightful inheritance and fulfill their life purpose while on earth.

One can easily identify a teacher of Truth. This will be those who keep the Commandments, walking in conformity with Divine Law and hold to the Testimony of Christ, which is walking in the Spirit of Prophecy! All others are either 'Babes' or antichrist and cannot possibly teach or release Truth! These are they who reject the Commandments, Laws, Order, Authority and Delegated Authority for the traditions of men and their culture. These also have a beastly mind or an unregenerate mind of antichrist who leads and keeps the humans in spiritual bondage and slaves to a make believe devil. They put more emphasis on the natural, the senses, and the intellect over that of which really matters--the Spirit. These are they who ascribe their power to and proclaim a devil or satan who has just as much power over human beings to influence them to do or not to do certain things, telling them that they can not become a Christ! These also dwell in a secular world of make believe rather than to lead, guide and direct humans into their heavenly inheritance NOW!  They make Heaven some far-away-place which is unreachable.  Yet all are searching for the anointing or that heavenly place.

The revelation of the Mysteries of the Kingdom coming forth today will come through the enlightened ones  that proclaim a restoration back to the Way of the Creator. These truths is what will cause one to 'overcome' the problematic situations misinterpretations and erroneous teachings of an apostate church; the foolish captivating teachings of the false prophet, of a rapture; and, the ignorant perverted teachings of those selfish leaders who has caused humans to walk in error, becoming sidetracked with the acceptance of doctrines of devils, demons and hell!

Our inheritance is perfect and glorious. Our glory is realized as we die to our self-will, mind and emotions becoming dressed in godly Characteristics while walking as a Christ into Divine Union.

The revelation of the Creators Deity in us as a Christ and coming into  Divine Union through regeneration or restoration is where the true Divine Nature and redemptive work are recognized and is merely a partial glory. This full glory is yet to come.

When that which is perfect has come that which is in part shall be done away with! When we walk as a Christ, in perfection, it is a reminder of how not to commit the offense of Adam and Cain. We then must realize the foreknowledge of the Creator in keeping that which perpetually remains--that is, that humans were created as eloheem after a Perfect Image and Likeness! The glorification of believers is NOW complete with their resurrection as a Christ and transformation into Divine Union as heavenly citizens right NOW.

Those commissioned to building the 'new-man' under the Sovereign Headship as a Christ has learned many lessons of humility and reverence. Those of whom they are to guide into all Truth by the Holy Spirit will be broken into a state of stillness in humbleness and contrition to receive that of which is in line with their Life-Purpose. These truths will free one from churchology and that beastly mindset which mentally holds one under the control of the name, mark or number  of the beast; those who perpetuate that which is antichrist and the elite who have seized the power that belongs to the inheritors.

Therefore, these revelatory teachings of the Mysteries of the Kingdom  will cut the cord that one's mind and heart will be drawn to the Highway!

Come out of Her! Let go of those false teachings, traditions and pacifiers designed to keep one babbling in the baby talk of the senses and feel good sensations while ignoring the promptings of Spirit and be restored in mind, spirit and soul into the higher spiritual realms. CatchTheVision!

Hotep Light One Love!
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